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Amarillo, TX: Booker Transportation Services, Inc. offers customized lease options to owner-operators interested in venturing into the transportation service industry. To ensure the freight is delivered timely and safely (and the owner-operator grows), the carrier has two operational divisions — refrigerated and dry vans.

The first division, refrigerated vans, has tailored leases for owner-operators interested in hauling farm produce, meat, and other products around Texas and its sister states. If they want to transport bottled water and pet food products, they need to check the leases for dry vans, which are tailored to accommodate different owner-operators.

For owner-operators interested in the reef division, Booker Transportation Services, Inc. offers two leases — a 73% lease and an 85% lease. The 73% lease gives the owner-operator a 73% of the line haul, with the Amarillo owner operator taking responsibilities such as furnishing the trailer and paying the related insurances.

Other add-ons include free tires, paid off days, and longevity bonuses. Alternatively, owner-operators can opt for the 85% lease if they want to get an 85% of the linehaul, but furnish the trailer, miss the bonus programs, and pay for the tires. Regardless of the lease details, the carrier pays all related insurance.

Booker Transportation Services, Inc. also has three dry van lease options — the local haul, local heavy haul (within 150 miles of DWL area), and regional hauls. For option one, the local haul, the independent operator stays within the 150 miles of the DFW area, and they can be home every day, exempting them from the ELD mandates.

The local heavy haul allows the independent operator to haul loads of up to 85,000 lbs within the 150 miles of DFW, but with a permit. For the third lease option, the independent operators mainly transport bottled water within the 250 miles of the DFW, but they require ELD. Unlike the reef division, owner-operators get free tires and longevity bonuses regardless of the lease.

In addition to a range of lease options, the Booker Transportation Services, Inc. has a daily pay policy. Regardless of the lease details, the carrier ensures they get all the money they have earned at the end of the day. On top of the daily pay, the owner-operator can earn additional money based on their productivity and longevity with the carrier.

Booker Transportation Services, Inc. is located at 4250 E Loop 335 N, Amarillo, TX, 79108, US. Interested owner-operators can contact the team at (806) 335-3330 to learn more about the lease options, bonuses, and other programs. Visit the website for more information.

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