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Bronx, NY: Sidewalk Contractorsin has invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology, quality work materials, and skilled workmanship to deliver quality, long-lasting projects. It, therefore, comes as no shock to know that the company’s most potent advertising tool and point of reference is the longevity of the client’s sidewalk. The impeccable work quality coupled with a team of professional masons and artisans has made Sidewalk Contractorsin the most sought sidewalk repair service in the Big Apple.

Sidewalk Contractorsin was established over 21 years ago, and the numbers stack very well for the Bronx-based sidewalk contractor. The firm has carried out over 980 projects and served more than 520 clients. Business owner and company contact person Ahmed Navid is a strong proponent of quality and always ensures every project detail is met before work can be handed over. Sidewalk Contractorsin begins all sidewalk construction by setting up a solid base using the quality concrete mixture.

At Sidewalk Contractorsin, we understand the role the sidewalk plays in enhancing the property’s aesthetics. However, several measures have to be put in place to keep everyone safe during the installation. We’ve instituted a functional work support system to reduce the inconveniences experienced by pedestrians, commuters, and residents using the sidewalks while work is ongoing. Our team also works with homeowners to remove DOT sidewalk violations to avoid penalties. That entails arriving at the site early, armed with the right expertise to carry out the mandated Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, or Bronx sidewalk services.

Sidewalk Contractorsin is an expert in DOT sidewalk violation repair, sidewalk repair, sidewalk replacement, and installation. Customer testimonials are upbeat about the incredible work the company is doing. Most home and commercial property owners in New York City appreciate the efficiency and professionalism exhibited by the firm. Other pros working in the firm’s favor include its transformative sidewalk agenda for the city and service accessibility.

The city of New York has Sidewalks stretching thousands of miles. These sidewalks facilitate the free movement of people and are a lifeline for the bustling city. Sidewalk Contractorsin is happy to be a part of this amazing transformation and is willing to share its expertise with property owners. With a single phone call, the company crew will move and refurbish a poorly maintained sidewalk and home entrance and give the lawn and property a much-needed lift. Repairs and replacements are carried out in strict conformity with NYC Administrative Code.

Sidewalk Contractorsin offices are strategically located at 741 East 216th Street Apt. 2W, Bronx, NY, 10467. The phone number is 646-542-3040. Before any project commences, Sidewalk Contractorsin experts will conduct a complete site survey and issue a written quote.

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