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Louisville, KY – With extensive experience providing top-notch residential and commercial cleaning services, Zerorez(R) Carpet Cleaning Louisville continues to be the number one cleaning company of choice among many Louisville home and business owners. The company uses a patented revolutionary Zr Water(R) technology that is highly efficient in cleaning hard and soft surfaces, giving the desired results every time. As Louisville residents prepare for the coming summer festivities, spring cleaning takes center stage, and who better to hire than the trail-blazing experts from The company’s cleaners have a reputation for always going the extra mile to exceed their clients’ service quality expectations rather than being satisfied with merely meeting them.

Unlike most carpet cleaning companies that still use traditional cleaning methods, Zerorez(R) Carpet Cleaning Louisville uses an unrivaled Zr Water(TM)(R) technology whose advantages over regular cleaning cannot be overstated. First, the technique requires significantly less water to clean because electrolyzed water creates a powerful cleaning solution that is effective even in small quantities. Also, unlike regular water, the company’s electrolyzed water does not require the use of harsh chemicals and detergents that often accelerate carpet wear and tear.

For many clients, the most significant advantage of hiring Zerorez(R) Carpet Cleaning Louisville for spring cleaning is the reduced dry time that its proprietary cleaning technology provides. This reduction is a direct result of two extra steps that company employees add to their cleaning process. While commenting on the steps, a company representative said, “At Zerorez(R), we add steps to our cleaning process most carpet cleaners do not include, which helps reduce the dry time. By pretreating and preparing the carpet fibers for cleaning, we reduce the amount of water it takes to completely rinse the carpet clean. We take extra vacuum stokes to remove as much excess moisture as possible, and we set up specially designed fans (air movers) as we clean to increase airflow and reduce the dry time.”

Besides its specialization in carpet cleaning, Zerorez(R) Carpet Cleaning Louisville also does tile & grout cleaning, area rug cleaning, air duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and biological odor treatment. By providing all these services conveniently under one roof, the company saves clients from the frustration of having to engage multiple cleaning companies to sort out all their spring cleaning needs.

To keep clients’ minds at ease, the experts from Zerorez(R) Carpet Cleaning Louisville offer an industry-leading thirty-day gotta-love-it guarantee. As per the terms of the guarantee, company experts are always ready and willing to come back to re-clean any areas that clients deem not adequately cleaned, no questions asked. Visit the company’s website for more information regarding the services offered by Zerorez(R) Carpet Cleaning Louisville. Potential Louisville clients looking for A+ spring cleaning services can direct all their queries to a company representative at (502) 909-3990. The company is located at 1405 Avoca Ridge Dr, Louisville, KY, 40223, US.

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