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Woodbridge, VAGolden Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics of Woodbridge has recruited a new pediatric dentist into its team of dentists and orthodontists in Woodbridge. Dr. Ogorchukwu Olele graduated from dental school at the University of California-Los Angeles and continued on to further her education and training in pediatric dentistry at UCLA. Her primary goal as a pediatric dentist at the clinic is to create and foster a nurturing space for children and adolescents to learn and develop excellent oral habits. She helps children and teens deal with dental phobias by creating a safe and relaxing environment.

Some of the pediatric dental services offered by Dr. Ogorchukwu and other dentists at the clinic include dental sealants, retainers, fillings, dental cleaning, extractions, and dental crowns, among others. They treat various conditions in children and teens that include but are not limited to tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, pediatric gingivitis, gum disease, and orthodontic problems.

Dr. Ogorchukwu works together with a team of other dentists and orthodontists to deliver quality pediatric services in Woodbridge. The clinic uses modern equipment, tools, technologies, and well-researched methods when treating children and teens. The staff is keen on creating a positive environment that is patient-friendly for children and teens. The clinic representative had this to say about their services, “Our priority is helping you and your child achieve and maintain a beautiful healthy smile. As your child’s dental ” home,” we’ll focus on every smile-related detail. We work to make sure that every Golden patient has healthy teeth, healthy gums, and healthy dental habits.”

The recruitment of a new pediatric dentist at Golden Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics of Woodbridge is a great addition to the existing professional team for the continuity of the provision of quality pediatric dental services. Dr. Ogorchukwu’s commitment to helping children develop healthy oral habits provides long-term benefits for her patients. The Woodbridge Dentist qualifications and extensive experience in dentistry positively affect patient outcomes. The clinic uses modern technologies which produce quality pediatric dental care that is at par with industry standards. The staff’s keenness in creating a healthy environment for children has positively affected patient satisfaction by breaking down common phobias in this client group.

Golden Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics of Woodbridge offers other services like orthodontic care and consultations. During consultations, the clinic staff help patients become familiar with the facility before diagnosing and offering recommendations for their dental problems. Their orthodontic care deals with abnormalities in the teeth and bones. They use devices like braces to straighten teeth and correct the bite. They also provide anesthetic solutions like the use of nitrogen oxide for specific procedures. Their anesthesia services control and manage pain, fear, and anxiety during procedures.

Golden Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics of Woodbridge is located at 3320 Noble Pond Way #109, Woodbridge, VA, 22193, USA. For consultations and bookings, contact their staff by calling (703) 640-1000. Visit the clinic’s website for more information on their new pediatric dentist and the services offered.

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