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Stoney Creek, ONT – ServerMania is a Canadian company based out of Stoney Creek with more than a decade of experience building high-performance hosting platforms for businesses globally. The company is on the mission of empowering clients by equipping them with reliable, fast, and innovative infrastructure while also upholding 100% network uptime SLA. With the slogan – Hosting Empowered, the rapid response team goes above and beyond to create cloud, dedicated, and web hosting analysis that meet the needs of their clients across Canada and throughout the United States.

ServerMania was certified as a Canadian Workplace Cultural Leader in 2022 after the company emerged in the 86th percentile with a score of 81 against the national average of 65. This ranking was based on the assessment of employees towards company care, workplace satisfaction, recognition, diversity/inclusion, loyalty, and employee connection. The certification program is governed by The ReFrame Group, a Canadian-based company that certifies organizations against unique Canadian benchmarks.

While ServerMania is proud to be recognized for its culture, it’s not stopping there. The company strives to maintain its wonderful place to work for all employees by implementing/adapting varying needs. Whether the employees are on/offsite in Canada/US, the company provides reliable equipment and a hybrid work approach that centers on providing flexible work arrangements or remote work options. Additionally, the company has formalized HR processes, extensive tools, opportunities, and resources that help employees flourish in the industry.

ServerMania’s revived onboarding process comprises a first-hand approach in which new employees are provided with an organized itinerary for their first week complete with a fully-stocked kitchen, tour of the office, and employee lounge. The company believes that well-fed employees are productive and happy, and this is why there are unlimited snacks, coffee, or refreshments for all in-house workers. With speed and performance as the main priority, the reply times for staff are quick compared to other companies, allowing employees to spend less time connecting to the ServerMania accounts and more time working with clients/businesses.

Some of the most cutting-edge infrastructure hosting platforms are available across the company’s network. With a wide range of customization hardware, ServerMania delivers colocation, data centers, game server hosting, IP transit services, high bandwidth servers, cloud hosting servers, and customizable dedicated servers. The company also offers storage servers, e-commerce servers, application hosting, media streaming, database hosting, and small business servers.

Whether an individual is passionate about building or supporting data centers, websites, web hosting analysis, among other server analysis, ServerMania is a broad-minded employer that assesses all professional applications in detail to build a productive workforce. To learn more about the company, visit or call 1.888.237.6637. They’re located at Stoney Creek, Ontario, L8E 6G3, Canada.

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