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New Britain, CT – Mammoth Security Inc. New Britain has a mission to secure every company with a comprehensive security solution. The company has various products that provide a complete security system, including security cameras, controlled access to a property, and an alarm system when there’s a security breach. They provide IP, analog, and wireless cameras, and for voice and data wiring, they have low voltage, voice and data, and fiber optic wiring. For access control, they provide gate access control, door and elevator access control, and an intercom call box. Mammoth Security Inc. New Britain works with governments, residential property, retail, offices, industrial and educational institutions. They work with every industry, including restaurants, police departments, and airplane hangars, among others. Considering each business has unique security needs, they guide each institution on the choice that best suits their needs.

The company works with multiple teams that can scale any project size. They are friendly and prompt in all their projects. Their in-house IT department is well versed in corporate network security and is well equipped in all aspects. In case a client currently does not have IT personnel, they can handle the project efficiently. Their IT team upholds the highest standards providing the most effective installation possible. The company spokesperson had this to say on the need for a security system, “Research shows that 75% of all crime in the US is property crime. This creates a serious need for reliable security systems that help clients monitor their properties while away. Mammoth Security installs a system that helps you monitor your building from anywhere.”

One of the biggest advantages of their systems is they can be expandable and come with no limitations. Clients can view the camera system through Android and IOS systems or a web portal available on any computer. Their systems are modular and can be added at any time. Clients can request an additional camera if there is a new problem area in a cost-effective arrangement. All their cameras are at least 9x the resolution of an analog camera, and their 10-megapixel cameras are 30x the resolution. The company has gone out of its way to provide an eBook containing top questions that help clients get familiar before purchasing a camera system. It’s available on the company website.

For clients with existing cameras, the company can make changes to expand or upgrade the capabilities so that they can keep up with the modern standards. Their systems are modular, and all they do is install them on top of the existing equipment. They also use HD digital video cameras that are fast and capable of producing several times more clear videos compared to analog camera output. Their wireless HD cameras do not require wiring and can be installed in areas such as inside elevators where wiring is impractical. This also allows for remote viewing, eliminating the need to be within premises to monitor multiple areas.

Mammoth Security Inc. New Britain is headquartered at 1 Hartford Square #25, New Britain, CT, 06052. They can be reached by phone at (860) 748-4292. Visit their website to learn more about security camera installation New Britain.

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