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Overland Park, KS – Finding fun things to do in the summer can be challenging for families. Quality day camp options allow parents to work during the summer, knowing their children are safe and having fun. Plus, summer is a time for kids to enjoy the outdoors, play, and explore different activities. That’s why iFamilyKC publishes their annual Guide to Summer Camps!

When parents need to find summer activities for children, iFamilyKC is the go-to resource. Choosing the right camp for one’s child is a big decision. That’s why our team finds camps that create a friendly and welcoming environment where one’s child will feel comfortable and be able to grow. Through numerous activities, events and experiences, children develop important social and academic skills in a safe environment, all while having plenty of fun.

If one is considering summer camp for their child, consider the amazing benefits summer camp can provide to the child’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills. iFamilyKC believes it may be the best investment one can make in their child’s future. Summer camp helps children develop the skills they need to become healthy, happy adults. Best of all, kids create memories at camp that last a lifetime. After all, one always looks back fondly at their time away at camp.

Camp is a place to grow, explore and have fun. As adults, many people look back on the days of summer camp with happy memories. They remember the thrill of building a fire with friends for the first time, or the carefree afternoons spent swimming under the summer sun. Camp became not just a way to pass summer break, but a vital part of who they are.

Kids get more than just a summer camp experience while they’re away. Camp enhances children’s self-esteem and provides opportunities to make friends, interact with others their age, and try new things. Campers’ parents report that when their children return home from camp they are more active, and are more equipped for school in the fall too. Giving their child a sense of independence can mean a lot for their development, whether it’s overnight camp or just day camp.

There are kids camps included in their guide for all types of children, so one can be sure they’ll find multiple camps to suit their child’s interests and needs. One can find sports camps, theater performances, overnight summer camps, one day camps if they just need and break, art classes and weekly camps, and so much more.

As children, summer camp is not just a place to pass the time. It’s an experience that can have profound effects on their development as people. At camp, kids learn to make friends and have fun while learning about new things, making them more confident, creative and comfortable with themselves. Whether they discover a new passion or simply have fun playing games and swimming, kids benefit from their time at camp in more ways than they might think.

IFamilyKC believes in the power of camp. It’s where kids grow, explore and learn about themselves, one another and their world. And it’s where they have fun while they do it. Plus, it’s less work for them to find fun summer activities and things to do in Kansas City. Pogo Pass KC is also a great option for cheap summer activities. Explore KC summer camps to find the best fit for one’s children.

iFamilyKC is located at 4901 W 136th Street Overland Park, KS 66224. If one is interested in being included in their summer camps resources, contact their team at (913) 744-1400. For more info about iFamilyKC, please visit the company’s website.

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