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Neutral Bay, NSW: Reports by new electric vehicle owners show that, compared to internal combustion engine cars, they are cheaper to maintain and fun to drive. However, the biggest challenge in the past years has been the battery, as charging a car from zero to 100 percent took about two days. To address such structural challenges, Captain Cook Electrical installs specialized charges for different car models such as Tesla, Nissan, and Hyundai. With the new charging options, EV owners can take full advantage of their newfound freedom and comfort without relying on the public charging ports.

In addition to infrastructure, power usage has been a challenge to most Australians interested in moving to EVs, as electric vehicles are high-powered items. Luckily, overseas markets have laid the foundation for the best ways to avoid costly upgrades on the infrastructure and costly power bills. Currently, different energy players are in the trial stage of network chargers, which will address the issue of additional load to the grid without forcing the consumer to pay more. Experts believe that network technology will also create a streamlined process of creating incentives in the future — like in other markets overseas.

There have been some major disruptions in the fast-growing EV market, which most renewable energy proponents did not consider in their predictions of dropping electric vehicle prices. For example, the cost of lithium, which is a key component in EV batteries, has increased, making it hard for most manufacturers to lower car prices. However, the increasing global oil prices, despite the drop in fuel excise in Australia, give EV owners a chance to recoup the extra money spent on the new car models. Also, Captain Cook Electrical technicians install an EV charger with apps to monitor the charging process, saving the client time.

Besides the challenges, experts in the Australian EV market point out that the uptake for EVs across Australia, especially among the metropolis residents is surprisingly high. In the latest Tesla sales report, models X and 3 are some of the buyers’ most preferred options. With people embracing EVs, pundits have downplayed the effects of the government probates as the key driving factor to the increase of electric cars. However, the contribution of professional electricians such as Captain Cook Electrical and the key players in the energy industry gives car owners the necessary confidence.

Captain Cook Electrical is located at Barry Street, Neutral Bay, NSW, 2089, Australia. Visit the company’s website for additional information about the EV home chargers and other services.

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