Summary of the biography of Morteza Ataei, a successful wrestler

Morteza Ataei

Morteza Ataei was born on April 25, 1995 in Tehran.

Morteza Ataei is currently single and teaches wrestling and physical education.

Morteza Ataei graduated in mechanics and psychology in 2016,

and during this time he has been able to win national and world medals and records in wrestling and bodybuilding.

Morteza Ataei started his sports career at the age of 7 and due to his talent and spirit, he registered in the Kung Fu Club.

Became a country.

Three years passed and he left the sport with the problems that happened to him.

At the age of 15, Morteza moved from Karaj to Tehran.

He started wrestling at the age of 15 under the supervision of Professor Mohammad Kermani.

Morteza was very interested in sports and continued his education and work at the same time as sports.

Morteza, who used every opportunity to study, even on the bus that was traveling and at work,

Morteza made good progress to the point that he was ranked 65th in the field of car mechanics.

Morteza believed that by trying He can achieve all his dreams.

After graduating from the field of automotive mechanics, he taught in education.

He received a few offers from other countries in the field of wrestling,

but Morteza’s feelings for Iran and his family caused him to reject all of them and become a champion in his own country.

Morteza, who is the symbol of a successful and courageous athlete, is familiar with the spirit of all his students and teaches them all with exemplary patience.

Reach yourself.

Morteza Ataei has a strong interest in music and believes that Bahonar sport is evolving.

In his interviews, he said that if he goes back to the past, he will put music in his goals.

In 1997, the Netherlands was offered to travel to this country to wrestle for this country, and this time he refused.

Morteza Ataei started wrestling in July of 1989.

In 2015, he became the champion of the country in freestyle wrestling and participated in the national team selection competitions in 1398 and 1400.

Morteza Ataei, with his brilliance in the national team competitions, was able to obtain the permission to participate in the last stage of the national team selection competitions in 1400.

In 2005, he was able to win the third place in the country in the field of kickboxing.

In the second stage of the national team selection competition, he could not go to the mat with his opponent due to a knee injury and lost that competition.






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