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The recently launched on-demand math tutoring service allows students unlimited monthly tutoring. They can get the help they need with examinations, homework, or any math topic anytime and anywhere they need it.

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Using the 24/7 online math tutoring service, students can immediately connect with a tutor and work with them for as long as they need without the stress of having to pay by the hour, which is how conventional tutoring services are delivered today. Interactive Mathematics employs tutors with expertise in basic algebra all the way up to advanced calculus and beyond.

Every year, nearly 5 million students benefit from Interactive Mathematics’ math lessons and content, which help them get ahead in math. The site’s experienced math tutors solve each problem with easy-to-understand steps and simple explanations, so students can see an improvement in their schoolwork and math exam performance.

Students who use the 24/7 online math tutoring service get access to teachers, professors, and educators who know how to help them get unstuck and solve even the hardest math problems. Students can connect in real-time in a secure and interactive live chat with an instructor whenever they need extra tutoring, for a third of the cost of a traditional instructor.

In addition to the online math tutoring service, Interactive Mathematics has partnered with academic service providers to equip students and their parents with complimentary and exclusive discounts on the ACT and SAT prep courses, free college admissions counseling, free financial aid consulting, discounted textbooks, and more.

About Interactive Mathematics

Interactive Mathematics was launched in 1997 and offers complimentary math tutorials, lessons, math interactives, and now tutoring. Its goal is to pique people’s interest in mathematics by presenting simple examples, linking concepts to the “real world,” and offering interactives that allow students to explore mathematical concepts. Since its debut, renowned organizations such as MIT, NASA, TED, Oxford, and others have turned to Interactive Mathematics for math expertise and content.

A satisfied student said: “Not only do interactive ideas make concepts simpler to visualize, but the way the tutor conveys the concepts through words and questions (and solutions) makes learning effective and enjoyable.”

Interested parties can find more information on the recently launched, on-demand math tutoring service by visiting

Interactive Mathematics
Interactive Mathematics
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