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Shilly aims to bring transparency and seriousness to marketing in the Cryptoverse, using smart contracts, dispute resolution, ratings, and reviews for all marketing services.

Singapore, 3rd May 2022, King NewsWire, Shilly is a one-stop shop “slash” safe place for Crypto Projects and Crypto Service Providers to connect and interact with absolute certainty that when the deal is done, both parties will be satisfied with the outcome. Project owners can browse service providers by category, selecting one or several different avenues to bring more exposure to their projects and service providers can exponentially increase their volume of job requests.

Through blockchain technology, transaction records are made available to everyone. This allows a fair playing ground for all service providers, as they are not able to artificially inflate their transaction records and get more fake reviews without others noticing. Transparent transaction records also allow owners to identify and engage the most suitable service provider for their project needs.

For 3rd parties who are interested in checking on a token’s progress, they are also able to use Shilly to identify the marketing activities. The more marketing activities a token engages in, the higher the commitment level of the project and possibilities of visibility and, therefore, investor satisfaction.

Crypto marketing is a rapidly expanding industry, with plenty of opportunities to be tapped on. From Reddit marketing to chat moderation and influencer marketing, there’s a multitude of ways for newly minted tokens to rise in the world of blockchain and service providers to fill voids in project’s infrastructures and planning. Shilly seeks to be at the forefront of these collaborations, and connect partners in an efficient, direct and decentralized manner.

The interactions in Shilly will start with a chat feature where both parties can discuss the terms and price of the commissioned service. Once these details are agreed upon, the payment for the service will be locked in a smart contract, released only upon agreement of proof-of-work by project owner. In case of dispute proof-of-work will be forwarded to JURY protocol where an independent JURY will decide on the dispute.

Afterwards, both parties will be asked to rate & review each other to progressively construct a meritocratic environment within Shilly, where real ROI can be measured and credited.

Shilly will launch with a lot of large service providers already interested in the platform.
It’s about time we make the marketing scene of crypto a safe marketplace.

Benefits for Project Owners :

  • Automatic promotion of project in featured section.
  • Easy to find secured verified service providers with simple in-app prices, reviews & ratings.
  • In-app chat with service providers.
  • Secured payment with built-in dispute resolution protocol

Benefits for Service Providers :

  • Offer services to a larger project audience
  • Receive safe payments through in-app connection.
  • Gain reputation in reviews and delivery score.
  • Access to dispute resolution protocol
  • Direct secure chat with verified token owners 
  • In-app balance and payment claims.

Shilly is part of the Sponsee ecosystem that includes Sponsee App, a free-to-use (non-crypto) influencer App and soon-to-release GameFi play-to-earn projects. The ecosystem is support by the $SPON token, available on Binance Smart Chain.
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Media Contact

Media Contact: Sponsee

Contact Person: Daniel

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Country: Singapore


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