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The latest update allows more business owners to benefit from leading-edge automation technology as part of their audience engagement campaigns. Customized Chats provides a reliable way to gain new customers and generate dramatic increases in revenue.

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Based in Kansas, the chatbot marketing agency understands the challenges and demands that business owners face in 2022. The team takes pride in helping e-commerce store owners connect to a wider audience and drive more sales with its updated tech solutions.

Implementing an automated chatbot allows businesses to improve their prospecting process and pre-qualify leads on an automated basis. Users can pair their marketing assistant with Facebook, Twitter, and Google ads to engage prospects wherever they are on the web.

When visitors do land on the company website, the tool can immediately activate and begin a conversation. Natural language makes prospects feel at ease, and the chatbot can even directly sell products.

With real-time conversion happening on an automated basis, business owners can drive more sales for products in any niche. It’s ideally suited for small companies, but can also be used by those looking to scale and grow throughout 2022 and beyond.

Chatbots are especially useful for those in the e-commerce space because customers can receive 24/7 support for queries or concerns. It also adds a more personalized element to the browsing experience and can connect customers to tailored pages to make them more likely to complete a purchase.

One of the main advantages of the service is that it provides smaller business owners with access to tools that were previously unavailable without a big budget.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Our team is committed to providing you an amazing service. However, our most important job is to help you get new customers and substantially increase your revenue. With our modern strategies and cutting-edge tools typically only available to fortune 500 companies, we can help bring you results your competitors will be jealous over.”

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Customized Chats
Customized Chats
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