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The Adventures of Pookie llc has today made public 3 as yet unreleased facts about its monthly subscription box for creative kids – ‘Pookie’s Playhouse’, now available for purchase at https://www.adventuresofpookie.com/pookie-s-playhouse, which fans and consumers within the children’s entertainment space should find particularly interesting.

The 3 items include nuggets such as how:

The idea for creating Pookie’s Playhouse came about after Rebecca Yee-Peters, founder and CEO at The Adventures of Pookie, realized that childhood is too short already – never mind worrying about what kids read, watch, and learn. It’s exhausting to think about! The idea for Pookie’s Playhouse came from her desire to offer great content, without the worry about what your children might accidentally see.

The Adventures of Pookie did something different compared to other businesses in the children’s entertainment Company space, by telling stories through an animal’s eyes. Yee-Peters is herself an avid animal lover, and understands that many children are as well.

Her stories are told through the eyes of her dogs, which children respond well to. Pookie’s Playhouse is named after her first dog, Pookie.

Desiring to create an environment where kids could express their imaginations through the various arts, in 2022 The Adventures of Pookie launched Pookie’s Playhouse – a monthly subscription box where children aged 5-12 can experience the excitement of getting real mail, reading new books, and learning & experimenting with different art skills.

Further expanding the product line, 8 animated series are currently in production for 2023.

To fill the growing need kids to have access to creative instructions and materials. Included in the subscription box are: one children’s book, a themed art lesson, art supplies for one project, a letter from Pookie, a FREE live art class online, and an exclusive creative learning video online.

The Adventures of Pookie is an entertainment company that offers quality entertainment in multiple mediums for children 3 years to 16 years old. Art lessons, books, journals, animated videos, and online creative classes are all offered under the company’s umbrella.

Rebecca Yee-Peters is quoted saying: “The Adventures of Pookie company is dedicated to enriching the lives of children by offering fun, engaging wholesome life lessons, often told from the perspective of animals. The company is committed to helping man’s best friend by donating to multiple animal shelters across the nation. Providing access to quality entertainment – books, shows and the creative subscription box – is what makes all the difference to so many kids – and their parents.”

Pookie’s Playhouse has been live for 2 months. To find out more and subscribe, visit their website.

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