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This announcement is part of new efforts from the company’s CEO, Arthur Olshansky, to provide much-needed aid to Ukrainians who have been displaced by the conflict. The campaign will deliver materials to support daily needs like food, equipment, medical supplies, and other forms of aid.

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As the conflict in Ukraine continues, Klik Solutions’ partnership with Global Operations Group Ukraine Aid offers a dedicated campaign that private donors can use in providing assistance to refugees. The campaign will serve as a conduit for global citizens who want to support displaced Ukrainian refugees with food, clothing, and financial donations to help them better cope with present circumstances.

According to the International Organization for Migration, over seven million people have been internally displaced by the conflict in Ukraine. A large proportion of this population is made up of low-income families with children and members who are elderly or affected by chronic illness.

Global Operations Group Ukraine Aid has partnered with private companies, non-profits, and the Ukrainian government to ensure the delivery of an impactful response to the refugee crisis in Ukraine. The campaign has also recruited volunteers who will deliver the collected aid throughout at-risk areas in the country.

Private donors can support the campaign through financial donations, supplies, or logistical assistance through the Global Operations Group Ukraine Aid website.

About Klik Solutions

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, the company specializes in IT management, cyber security, enterprise cloud systems, and other business solutions. Klik Solutions has completed projects for clients in the legal, healthcare, construction, and non-profit industries, among others. Its CEO, Arthur Olshansky, was born in Ukraine and still maintains close ties to the country through his family and his company’s recently opened office in Kyiv.

Olshansky said, “I was in Ukraine recently and this was the last thing we would expect to actually happen. Just a lot of confusion, panic, and nerves. Ukrainians really love the United States. They feel very thankful for everything the US is doing for them, from weapons to financial or material support. They are dealing with a lack of being able to get food or water, and many of them have been forced to relocate.”

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