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Riverside, CA – Being on the verge of divorce or receiving domestic violence accusations are stressful situations fathers find themselves experiencing. During these uncertain times, they need a person who understands their struggle and knows the intricacies of the family law court system. At Reel Fathers Rights PLC, Attorney Mark Reel Jr. is committed to transforming the relationship fathers have with child custody, divorce, or the California Family Law court.

The law firm comprises a team of Riverside divorce lawyers with the mission of educating fathers regarding court processes, equipping them to be unshakeable, and providing them a platform to create better lives for themselves and their children. At the law firm, the attorneys operate on the model of preparation, education, strategy, and execution as they pursue fathers’ rights. Having been through the system, they understand the tenets of the law and leverage their skills, knowledge, experience, or networks to resolve legal matters.

According to Reel Fathers Rights PLC, fathers deserve to play a key role in raising their children and prosper financially after divorce. For this reason, Attorney Mark Reel Jr. works to ensure that every client has divorce information and family law resources needed to understand the divorce process in California before meeting a Family law attorney. With the knowledge that divorce for men is emotionally difficult and capable of impacting every aspect of their lives, the attorneys prepare for a case by ensuring that all deadlines are met, creating a customized case strategy, and offering zealous legal representation/counsel.

Fathers going through the long divorce process often lose time with their children and face financial hardship due to child/spousal support payments. Reel Fathers Rights PLC understands the potential risks involved for fathers in child support/custody matters and takes proactive steps to protect each client’s best interests. They advocate for fathers in mediation, guide them through the necessary paperwork, negotiate child support rates, and draft/modify child custody/support agreements.

Domestic violence accusations in California can wreak havoc on a father’s physical/mental well-being, whether they’re the victim or the accused. In family law courts, fathers accused of domestic violence against current/former spouses or relatives by blood/marriage face jail time, hefty fines, restraining orders, or reputation ruin that may impact their involvement in their children’s lives. For this reason, Reel Fathers Rights PLC handles domestic violence cases with seriousness to ensure a favorable outcome for all the parties involved. The attorneys collect/examine all the legal documents, talk to the relevant witnesses, conduct extensive research to find a legal defense, and represent the client in/out of court.

Attorney Mark Reel Jr. solely focuses on representing fathers in Riverside County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County. His commitment to service and a passion for the law have earned the law firm many positive reviews, recognitions, and prestigious memberships. To schedule a consultation, call (951) 223-1058 or visit the law firm’s website. Reel Fathers Rights PLC is located at 11801 Pierce Street Suite 200, Riverside, CA, 92505, USA.

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