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The expert in complement therapeutics development, Creative Biolabs, keys the importance of complement function and activity tests in complement defect screening and drug development.

The complement system is a core part of the innate immune system and a link between the innate and adaptive immune responses. Three different activation pathways, including the classical, alternative, and lectin pathways, and more than 30 different proteins are associated with the complement system. More and more studies show that complement components and their regulatory molecules play important roles in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases.

“Although complement system plays a key role in defense against pathogens and in host homeostasis, it is widely regarded as a double-edged sword since overactivation could cause host tissue damages while complements or regulatory molecules deficiency would affect disease measurement.” A scientist at Creative Biolabs explained.

Though there are three different ways to activate the complement cascade with certain initial steps, they all converge at the C3 activation step to generate the membrane attack complex that can lyse pathogens or damaged cells. However, it’s pointed out that whether the complements are activated to be functional may affect the whole defending process.

Researchers at Creative Biolabs emphasize that testing the functions and activities of complements is important not only for identifying and screening complement deficiency in patients with recurrent infections, autoimmune, and renal diseases, but also for developing novel complement-targeted drugs. Complement activation assays can help determine whether complements and regulatory molecules are present and function normally.

To help researchers monitor the complement activation and function status in serum or plasma, Creative Biolabs has built a powerful and standardized complement assay platform to provide complement test services, including tests for:

Assays for the total complement activity, such as hemolysis assays, liposome lysis, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs), can help researchers understand the activation status of the complement system and consequently better measure disease occurrence, severity, and response to treatment.

  • Individual complement component

Creative Biolabs has prepared comprehensive assays for checking the activity of individual complement components like C3, C4, and complement factor B to verify the diagnosis of complement-associated diseases. Techniques include immunodiffusion (RID) or nephelometer techniques, ELISA, and Western blot.

  • The products of complement activation

As complement activation products appear only after a successful complement activation, tests for complement activation products are used to reflect the actual activation state of the complement system under pathological conditions.

The head of the Complements R&D Department at Creative Biolabs stated, “Our scientists have exemplary experience, knowledge, and skill in complement research, and we can’t ignore the significance of complement assays for screening complement defects and complement-targeted drug development.”

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