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For Dan Nzinga, a successful entrepreneur and business coach in Charlotte, NC, every day is an opportunity for growth. He recently launched Dreamwork as a means to inspire other people to dream big and become successful leaders in their specific niche or industry. Through the application of 4 key principles based on neuroscientific studies, participants can achieve their goals in 21 days.

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The new 21-day entrepreneur challenge sheds light on essential skills that need to be honed to achieve success – not only financially, but in every aspect of one’s life as well. Nzinga explains that through years of research, he discovered 4 principles, which he called CORE, to help people achieve their desires in less than a month.

CORE stands for Communication, Organization, Responsibility, and Excellence. By developing these principles, leaders break internal challenges that are stopping them from reaching their goals. The business coach clarifies that many people are often stuck in their “survival” mode. While the brain is designed to protect its owner from harm, always remaining in one’s comfort zone prevents growth in any area of life.

CORE is a method of workability. Typically, when things are not working out as they should or to the best of their potential, people will find that one or more aspect of CORE has been neglected. Further details can be found at

The 21-day challenge asks participants to develop their CORE through simple daily exercises. All tasks are assigned on WhatsApp and should be completed within 24 hours. Students must show that they have completed their task before being assigned their next task.

To date, the 21-day challenge for entrepreneurs has helped hundreds of leaders find their footing.

As part of the launch of CORE, Nzinga is offering the first 7 days of the challenge for only $7. This allows participants to experience the program without committing to the full 3 weeks.

Those still on the fence are encouraged to schedule a call with Nzinga through his website.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

Dreamwork LLC
Dreamwork LLC
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12030 Gemstone Court

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