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WINNIPEG, Canada – FASTCHECK, a market leader in criminal background checks and digital fingerprinting, is thrilled to announce that they have been able to slash the time people and businesses are waiting in line to get service and to have their results returned to them!. FASTCHECK specialize in same day appointments and looking after all of their clients in a timely, simple and easy manner. In the vast majority of cases, FASTCHECK can deliver results within hours, which not only saves people time but can get them into employment much quicker. This also benefits any potential employer who needs background checks before employing a new member of staff, essentially delivering a win-win scenario for all concerned.

“Whether you are an employee or an employer, when a job vacancy needs to be filled, speed is always of the essence,” said Neil Murray of FASTCHECK. “Anyone looking for employment wants to start their new job as quickly as possible, and employers need staff they can trust and who have been appropriately vetted. With our state-of-the-art systems and access to the latest police service databases, our customers can be confident that they are employing staff that meets the specific requirements they are looking for. We have designed the entire process to be smooth and efficient from start to finish. Our ultimate long-term aim is to become the premier criminal background and fingerprint checks provider in Canada.”

FASTCHECK is a locally owned and operated company based in Winnipeg, Canada. The company specializes in providing mobile and in-office cost-effective fingerprint-based criminal background checks. This addresses the clear and ever-growing security needs of the private (PR/Citizenship/Travel Visas/Record Suspensions), Public (DCN#’s, Identity Summaries) , and government sectors (DCN#’s, Govt Employment, Adoption. The services FASTCHECK offers include RCMP & FBI fingerprinting services, Name & Date of Birth Criminal Background Checks – Returned in hours. The Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) Database is searched for any persons with convictions matching the Name and Date of Birth of the applicant. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at

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