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The latest launch from The Family Learning Company offers an engaging, empowering, multi-generational education experience through its state-of-the-art software program. The company is dedicated to enriching the lives of both young and older people, equipping them with essential life skills, improving communication, and expanding career prospects in the process.

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The announcement details the company’s newly expanded learning package. This includes modules on phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and writing. With over 9,700 activities, The Family Learning software offers creativity and inspiration, enabling rapid progression for all subscribers regardless of their ability level.

Research demonstrates a range of benefits that come with a family learning approach. Notable improvements in school performance have been observed alongside an increased motivation for learning, and improvements in social skills. Parents can boost their career prospects, improve their social awareness, and expand their knowledge of child development – creating deeper bonds between generations.

The Family Learning Company’s software is based on the six essential skill areas of literacy as outlined by the Report of The National Reading Panel in 2000. In addition to phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and writing, the program also focuses on decoding, fluency, and comprehension.

The software gives learners control over their educational journey, allowing subscribers to choose challenges, select the appropriate level of complexity, and pause or repeat sections as they wish. Multiple logins allow family members to participate simultaneously while shared reports mean that each learner can track their progress as well as that of their parents and siblings.

About The Family Learning Company

Led by CEO Jon Bower, the company is committed to achieving better outcomes in education through an innovative digital syllabus for families. The Family Learning software can be accessed anywhere, at any time, and provides an ideal motivational framework for younger and older generations to support and help each other on their learning journeys. Learn more at

A spokesperson says, “Family learning is what happens when parents help their children learn to read and write, and what happens when children motivate and help their parents learn to read and write better.”

With the latest updates to its educational software, The Family Learning Company continues to innovate in the quest for literacy across the generations.

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