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Calgary, AB: Sean Fagan Criminal Defence Lawyer offers exclusive legal representation to clients charged with criminal charges in Calgary. Whether the client is accused of drug charges, failure to appear in court, etc., the lawyer represents them and ensures they get a proper hearing free of an external influence such as media. Thanks to the firm’s dedication to a better understanding of the relevant rules, it has assisted many clients in getting justice.

Besides, Sean Fagan Criminal Defence Lawyer represents clients with theft and fraud charges by ensuring they get a fair hearing. The charges carry harsh penalties, whether the client is accused of theft while in a position of trust or other theft. In addition to complexities, the charges are also synonymous with paperwork and lengthy judicial processes.

Thanks to the lawyer’s previous experience in finance and economics, the client’s case gets unwavering attention, which is critical in winning such lawsuits. Sean Fagan also has a firm grasp of the evidentiary rules, which is key in challenging the presented evidence and saving the client from harsh penalties.

Sean Fagan Criminal Defence Lawyer also represents clients incriminated with assault and violent offenses in Calgary. Due to increased crime of violence, pressure from a misinformed public (mainly due to media involvement), and increased vigilance, the accused persons now face stiffer sentences. Also, the prosecutor relies on the recorded moments after the violence, which may change the case’s trajectory.

The Calgary criminal lawyer assists the client in challenging the credibility of evidence collected and the reliability of the witness, primarily through effective cross-examination. And considering the police only lay charges with the expectation of the court sorting out the other details such as who is guilty, the lawyer ensures the client charged with a crime of violence gets a proper hearing.

The Calgary-based lawyer has also assisted clients to secure bail, especially considering the interim judicial release (bail) is not an absolute right in Canada. To avoid the client making decisions such as pleading guilty to avoid staying in custody, the lawyer explores all the available channels to secure their release.

In some cases, the client may secure bail but with harsh conditions such as driving prohibitions, house arrest, and no-contact orders. The lawyer represents the client in opposing the limitations in bail hearings, ensuring they get total freedom as they wait for trial and other judicial processes. Also, the firm ensures that processes such as bail hearings do not take a lot of time, which may also be a tactic by the prosecutor.

Sean Fagan Criminal Defence Lawyer is located at 1117 1 St SW #306, Calgary, AB, T2R 0T9, Canada. Clients interested in the services of a Calgary criminal lawyer can contact the team at (403) 815-8099. Visit the law firm’s website for more information.

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