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Pittsburgh, PA – Local Brand Advisor, a Pittsburgh marketing agency with a track record of helping franchises, multi-location businesses, and chain stores achieve their growth and marketing potential, has announced additional services. As part of its expansion, the agency now offers new and existing customers a chance to own a larger share of their markets by leveraging new services like local marketing service infographic, website design, mobile app development, Google Analytics, etc.

Announcing the expanded local marketing services, Jessie Taylor noted that their goal remains to give clients the best chance of reaching their growth and marketing potential. She noted that the Pittsburgh marketing team at Local Brand Advisor will continue to work hard, behind the scenes, to bring newer products and services that improve their client’s brand visibility and revenue.

By leveraging their newly added local marketing services like infographics, businesses stand a better chance of capturing their audiences’ attention while guiding them to take the next step in the buying process. The newly launched infographic service also improves information delivery with catchy designs that retain customer attention.

Added to their infographic services, the agency also offers Google Maps SEO, helping businesses to show up better on Maps, thus enabling them to convert potential customers who are already halfway on their buying journey. With their Google Maps SEO service, businesses can position themselves to get seen and heard by the growing number of Maps users (currently at 154.4 million monthly users). Business owners can also combine their Maps visibility with Local Brand Advisor’s PPC and Media Buying service to position themselves to rake in organic and inorganic traffic.

In her description of the agency’s service expansion, Jessie Taylor said: “Local Brand Advisor believes there is more to digital marketing than just having a stylish website and a social media page. We deeply delve into all aspects of popular marketing services possible for your brand. We do not just publish your local brand; we use a unique and particular technique to introduce it online with a bang. We strategize because, without a strategy, it will just be a bland brand.”

Their internet marketing service expansion also brings local search consulting and local listing management closer to multi-location businesses, franchises, and local business owners. Clients can also enjoy additional solutions like local website design services, bail bond marketing and SEO, and Damage restoration marketing and SEO.

Franchises and franchisees, multi-location businesses, chain stores, and local business owners can increase their chances of hitting their marketing targets by reaching out to Local Brand Advisor to discuss their options. Local Brand Advisor can be reached via phone at (412) 910-2417 or visit them for one-on-one interaction at The Diamond Building 100 5th Ave, Suite 110, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222, USA. Visit their website for more information.

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