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“great concept, groundbreaking algorithm, true innovation..’’

United States, 26th Apr 2022, King NewsWire, The two main challenges the users face in the crypto space are essentially safety and profitability, with most of the available projects being able to deliver just one of the two features while overlooking the other. Not to mention the need of the industry to bridge the gap between the traditional and the crypto world, by building safe, effective and attractive applications and integrations.

HeliosFund answers to all of those concerns. They deploy a proprietary protocol of their own creation for Mining-Finance (the MiFi protocol), in order to deliver best returns in a safe way. Their protocol comprises three progressive layers of value creation: Mining, smart Portfolio Rebalancement and DeFi. Mining is always profitable by definition, they mine a basket of altcoins and bitcoin and proceed to use the revenues coming this layer to be multiplied on the other layers. The user now has the safety of having his capital invested in mining devices which are physical assets and hold a value on the market, plus the possibility to expand his revenues on the other two layers. The other layers (smart rebalancement and DeFi) run on a duly tested algorithm able to generate returns from 3x to 10x per year! Not bad for a protocol where customer’s capital stays safe and intact invested in mining devices!

Although a crypto user could potentially find DeFi platforms which promise 10000x in returns, the safety of those is utterly questionable. It’s pretty frequent to see hackings and all sort of issues happening there. Not the best solution for anybody who really cares about his capital.

HeliosFund fixes all of this, they value the customer and deliver a better and safer user experience! With their system, peace of mind is included in the protocol, it’s actually at its core and represents the base layer for additional value creation. Their ultimate goal as a tech company is to leverage on the brilliant mix of safety and profitability delivered by the MiFi protocol to build Insurtech and Fintech applications in order to better serve those industries which are a bit outdated, particularly across the insurance space. Moreover the right to have access to a convenient and effective health insurance represents a human right. At HeliosFund they strive to reach this goal by acting as an insurance broker in order to offer better conditions and deals, thanks to the power of the MiFi protocol! Likewise, their firm is going to fit very well into the countless applications throughout the Fintech space, (pension funds, cheap loans, etc.). In fact, they have already been deemed eligible and are going to obtain a EU crypto license in 60 days after funding is completed.

Hence, for anybody who likes their project and wants to be part of them by owning equities, then he/she can INVEST in HeliosFund here:


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