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As a Transformational Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, Courtney Nicole specializes in empowering high-achievers, freelancers, 7+ figure earners, and creative professionals to experience breakthroughs in both their career and life.

With a goal to help men overcome toxic mindset patterns and discover new ways to experience the freedom they were meant to have, Men’s Total Focus Coaching helps C-Suite Executives and Professionals to unearth and conquer threats to their personal freedom.

This group is specifically designed to empower successful men through a woman’s perspective. Courtney gives men the safe space and tools to identify power blocks that stand in the way of their absolute success. This is a holistic approach to coaching that focuses on personal growth, business development, and financial freedom.

About Courtney Nicole

Funky, forward-thinking, and fabulous Courtney Nicole is a problem solver at heart and a people person by trade. She has over 15 years of success building people up around the world and a lifetime of living like a badass on the 3rd rock from the sun.

Her first business launched when she was just 15 and within 3 months, she was employing others because the business scaled so quickly.

According to Courtney Nicole, “Masculinity is a few centuries beyond its need for a redefining. It’s going to be the people that can have tough conversations, lead courageously, and care passionately that will define the future of our civilization.”

  • Spoken to over 50,000 people worldwide.
  • Successfully launched and exited multiple companies.
  • Coached in 12 countries.

About Men’s Total Focus Coaching

Men’s Total Focus Coaching enables men to escape the traps standing in the way of personal, career, and financial fulfillment. If you are a man who feels frustrated, like you haven’t reached your potential, like nobody has ever truly given you the space to explore it, now’s your time.

  • Tackle undiscovered threats to your personal freedom
  • Perform well in the eyes of people you respect
  • Provide fully for those who rely on you by achieving your own goals first
  • Conquer personal, career, and financial challenges

Men have the power to achieve total domination in life, business, and relationships. Courtney Nicole’s new class offers an opportunity to seize it.

Case Studies Include:

  • Brought a marriage back from the edge of divorce.
  • Coached a veteran into a 6-figure job.
  • Coordinated several successful exits for founder clients.
  • Helped a man find himself after 20 years of feeling dead inside.

Clients Say:

  • “Courtney completely shifted the way I perceived and moved power. Without her insights and coaching I wouldn’t have been able to land a $90m deal during a pandemic.”
  • “Courtney completely blew my mind in 10 minutes with the way she saw money and wealth building. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!”
  • “After our session, Courtney is the only one I want to help me redefine my masculinity.”

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