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The first half of 2022 has been a massive success for the Coral Springs Roofing Experts. The company reports a growth from Q1 to Q2 of over 125%! The factors leading to the expansion have been successful marketing, the beginning of the rainy season, and last but not least, the continued influx of new residents to southern Florida.

In response to the recent successes in business development, the Coral Springs Roofing Experts have needed to make additional hires by adding two more roofing crews, with potentially even more being added in the coming months depending on how busy the summer becomes. There are many neighborhoods in Coral Springs where most homes are reaching the 30+ year point of being constructed, with many still having the original roof.

A significant contributing factor to the recent growth of Coral Springs Roofing Experts has been how many people have moved to Florida recently and seemingly will continue doing so. Understandably, the new residents want to ensure the roofs overhead are secure and able to withstand the inevitable hurricanes.

Lucas, a representative of Coral Springs Roofing Experts, had this to say, “To be honest, we are pretty surprised that so many people keep moving down here. We thought last year would be the high point, but it seems to have spilled over into 2022. Almost every new homeowner in Florida is concerned that their roof cannot handle a hurricane, as the number of roof replacement inquiries we get has more than doubled. So to prepare for what may be an insanely busy summer ahead of us, hiring new roofing crews became a top priority to ensure we can handle the potential influx.”

The Coral Springs Roofing Experts offer roof replacement and repairs; they provide free proposals and estimates for all projects. In addition, the company has access to multiple roof financing options. If there is a valid insurance claim, the Coral Springs Roofing Experts also work with some of Broward County’s top public adjusters.

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