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Avantra provided further information about its SAP system monitoring automation technology and discussed recommended practices for SAP system monitoring in general.

Avantra’s real-time monitoring contains over 160 pre-configured tests, relieving a businesses IT staff of its need for a Solution Manager and other SAP products. Avantra can monitor not just the operating system, database, apps, and servers, but also business processes, security, and much more, including third-party applications that are not SAP-related. Avantra was designed to provide continuous, automatic system monitoring, saving a businesses team at least 25% of the time they would normally spend on daily inspections. Additionally, we’ve introduced native tests for SAP S/4 HANA and SAP Business Objects.

Users should brace themselves for a new level of adaptability in SAP system monitoring tools. Each terrain is distinct, as are its monitoring requirements. Thus, in addition to the 160+ built-in best practices tests, Avantra enables easy insertion of custom checks to satisfy an organisation’s most unique and particular monitoring needs. Avantra delivers real-time visibility into system and element performance and health checks, business process monitoring, and security and compliance monitoring, among other things. Custom checks are so adaptable that Avantra has never been unable to handle a monitoring request–even with thousands of Avantra systems worldwide (and millions of checks running daily).

Certain SAP system circumstances may not need real-time system monitoring. Only the businesses leaders know which situations need daily monitoring–and when the information will be required. Avantra enables an organization to set the monitoring capabilities of their daily checks in order to ensure that they get the appropriate results. Daily checks, like real-time SAP system monitoring from Avantra, may comprise both native and custom checks. Busineeses choose what and when they want to be tracked (and if a business want to use best-practice default thresholds).

SAP landscapes are hardly static, much more so given how the dynamic nature of traditional cloud computing is. However, a dynamic landscape should not need an excessive amount of manual, error-prone monitoring settings. Connect a new server, either physical or virtual, and install the Avantra agent, and Avantra will automatically identify the server, check for particular components–server, network, operating system, SAP instances, HANA environments, databases, and third-party apps–and deploy the appropriate monitors. Adding new systems is straightforward, quick, consistent, error-free, and completely automated.

To find out more about Avantra and the other services it has to offer, please see the following website: https://www.avantra.com/

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