Information about installment gold ( Tala Ghesti ) famous and successful Iranian brand active in the gold business

Neshat Brandi jewelry with more than 25 years of brilliant experience in selling gold in installments in Iran. This large collection with populist policies has been able to occupy a large percentage of the market,

Gold is the best investment for any person and the best you can buy in installments, we will help you get gold with little money

No checks and low interest

Buy from Neshat in installments, have a lifetime with Neshat 🙂

Mahdi Sarbazi

He was born in December 1970 in Tehran. He is the director and founder of Neshat Jewelry

A collection of Neshat gold shops that was born in installments with the aim of helping everyone to buy gold with the lowest amount.

Mehdi Sarbazi is an entrepreneur who is currently one of the leaders in providing jewelry installment services with several active branches in the field of jewelry.

He started his business from a small shop in Shahreri at a young age and now owns the franchise of several active sales agents in Tehran.

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