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In particular, the latest report advocates that learning Haitian Creole is extremely beneficial for any resident of southeastern and southwestern Florida, given the high concentrations of Haitian residents and communities in these areas.

More details can be found at https://creoletutors.com/resources/haitian-creole

The release of the report coincides with news from ACTFL, the US’ leading language learning institution. Their newest research showcases that the acquisition of any language leads, on a cognitive level, to improved problem-solving skills, improved memory function and more flexible and creative thinking.

More specifically, Creole Tutors argue that learning Haitian Creole can also improve job and career opportunities. As a language spoken by 12 million people globally, and with the latest census data showing that there are over 1 million Haitians in the US, there is a strong imperative to learn the language.

Again particularly for Floridians, where Haitian Creole is the third most spoken language, knowing it could connect a speaker with a host of new career and industry opportunities.

Moreover, as the Creole Tutors report details, Haitian Creole is a way into Haitian culture, which today is a unique blend of Taino, European, and African traditions. Known globally for its distinct carnival seasons, music and painting style, the country has long held a cultural influence in the Caribbean region.

For the simple reason of a desire to travel meaningfully to any of the jewels of the Caribbean, including the Bahamas, Guadeloupe, the Cayman Islands, and French Guiana, knowing the local Creole language is a way to get much more out of a trip than just a tan.

Creole Tutors offer both one-on-one and group classes for students of all ages and language abilities. They assure their less confident learners that as a phonetic language, without the complex verb conjugations of other languages like Spanish or Francophone French, everyone can attain a strong grasp on Haitian Creole.

For their younger learners, and their parents, they also attest to a renewed interest in Haitian Creole at a number of premium universities including The University of Florida and The University of Massachusetts, Boston. For this reason, speaking the language can be particularly beneficial when it comes to college applications.

Creole Tutors is a Miami-based language school which is passionate about the preservation and education of the spirited language of Haitian Creole.

A spokesperson for the institute said, “Learning a new language is an exciting and perilous journey, one peppered with surprises, joys, irritable moments, but above all, novelty. The same can be said about Haitian Creole, a language with a unique culture whose origins reflect the hardiness and steadfast nature of a great people.”

More information is available at https://creoletutors.com/resources/haitian-creole

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