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The newly released guide introduces aspiring digital nomads to remote work in Bangkok with an outline of the city’s cost of living, culture, infrastructure, weather, and rules regarding working visas. Crucial Constructs offers training resources, programs, and industry insights to aspiring digital entrepreneurs, helping to put them on the path toward achieving their career goals.

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For those pursuing the digital nomad lifestyle, Bangkok is considered an ideal location. It offers all the excitement of a big city, including amenities, infrastructure, food, and entertainment at prices that normally reflect a smaller, lesser-known locale. In their newly released guide titled “How to be a Digital Nomad in Bangkok, Thailand,” online entrepreneurship experts Crucial Constructs offer tips and insights into the work-life experience in this part of Southeast Asia.

Crucial Constructs notes Thailand is a nation understood to be the Land of Smiles. True to their reputation, Thais are typically a warm and welcoming culture, attracting tourists and digital nomads alike.

According to their guide, despite Thailand’s popularity among foreigners, obtaining a work visa can be complicated and often depends on the applicant’s home country’s relationship with the nation. It is recommended, therefore, that all digital nomads inquire about their visa alternatives.

For those with paperwork and plans in place, the guide says the best time of the year to travel to Bangkok is between November and March, when the heat and humidity are least oppressive.

When it comes to co-working and co-living options, the guide lists two well-known locations. Their first recommendation is WOLF, a contemporary, extremely creative co-working space located in Bang Rak. WOLF is a five-floor building with a kitchen, bathroom, and open deck on the first floor.

The guide’s second co-work recommendation is The Hive Prakanong. This space is part of a subscription model that gives members access to any The Hive locations around the world. The space is innovative, offers steady Wi-Fi, and a range of conference rooms.

The guide also lists a number of affordable lodgings, transportation options, restaurant recommendations, and a number of sightseeing activities.

With the release of their guide, the business and career experts at Crucial Constructs are giving digital nomads who are considering Bangkok all the tips and insights they’ll need to make an informed travel plan.

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