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Dan Hollings, the creator of The Plan, is hosting a invite only webinar on May 3rd to reveal the exact strategy that made him a crypto millionaire and have helped thousands of people in over 90 countries to profit with cryptos quicker and safer than traditional strategies.

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However, the launch has not gone unnoticed and some of the current members are not happy that Dan Hollings decided to go public with his “do nothing” strategy. While The Plan has had an overwhelming success rate and positivity some users want to keep the strategy to themselves.

“While I’m happy people will experience the power of The Plan by Dan Hollings, it might be just a little too powerful to let loose. The money it’s making people is unreal.” One user noted on a public forum.

Despite the protest, Dan Hollings will host the complimentary but invite-only live training session on May 3rd, 2022 exposing the whole strategy.

The Plan, a brainchild of Dan Hollings, begin in 2018 after Dan lost all of his crypto money in a bear market. Crushed but not defeated he decided to turn the volatile of cryptocurrencies into a positive. Create order from chaos.

After sharing The Plan with handful of people that started to get the same results, Dan opened it to beta testers from around the world. Now after thousands of success stories in 90 countries he’s finally going public with The Plan’s first phase.

Phase 1 of The Plan is all about automated crypto trading with something Dan calls the ‘wiggle’ bot. A crypto trading software that trades a small amount of a coin pairing as it moves up and down, or wiggles. During each of these wiggles a tiny profit is made.

The profit is usually less than a dollar, depending on the setting, but as the wiggle bot can make hundreds of these trades per day while maintaining the low risk factor. The crypto trading software that is used in The Plan by Dan Hollings has built-in safety features to protect the user from pumps or dumps.

In result, The Plan is one of the safest ways to invest or profit with cryptocurrency in 2022 and most likely for years. Dan made sure of this as he doesn’t want another 2018 to wipe out his profits. In fact, Dan Hollings’ The Plan works in all types of markets.

It doesn’t matter if the market is going up, down or sideways, the bot makes a profit on each wiggle. In result, even if the coin pairing is going down the wiggle bot still brings in money. That’s why Dan Hollings calls it the “do nothing” strategy. A strategy that is low risk and anyone can do it.

Dan Hollings will reveal everything during the live presentation and says this webinar is a chance for people to see the other side of cryptocurrency markets. A side that doesn’t require technical knowledge or graph watching to make a profit.

The live session will also include current Dan Hollings’ students and their own experiences with The Plan as beta testers. Everyone will be available for a special Q&A session after the webinar for even more in-depth information.

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