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QuantBook DeFi Platform – QuantFi – Service Launch: Joins Klaytn

QuantBook has launched its DeFi platform, QuantFi, which was scheduled to launch in the first half of 2022. With the release of the DeFi platform users can acquire QuantBook governance tokens (QTBG), the holders of which can take part in business development decisions. The tokens will play the most significant role in QuantBook’s business planning.

QuantBook will release QuantFi beta on April 8th, 2022, which will be followed by the conversion to Klaytn mainnet conversion, before the official launch.

On April 8th, its initial launch date, QuantFi’s single deposit service will come with a 40 million token cap, and QTBG, as QuantFi reward tokens, will be linearly distributed over 4 years. This comes with positive implications as QuantBook token holders can build their anticipation on the project as well as on the expansiveness of the ecosystem.

Utilizing three different types of initial deposit pools, QuantFi plans to establish a more comprehensive reward system for users, providing more opportunities to cooperate with more projects in the future.

  • Interest in the form of QTBG for depositing QuantBook token (QTBK),
  • Commissions from the transactions will be allocated to QTBG buyback, and
  • Incentives in QTBG for pair deposits implies the project’s expansion to GameFi. QuantBook will construct a ‘Finance-Game Alliance Model,’ forming a harmonious coexistence of the project and its holders.

In its effort to rectify Ethereum Network’s slow processing speed and high gas costs, QuantBook has converted to Klaytn Mainnet, thereby alleviating the burden of cost for the users. QuantBook also has initiated its ecosystem expansion as a means to hedging QuantBook token inflation. QuantBook is constantly making various efforts to prepare and launch services that promote coexistence with centralized exchanges.

According to a QuantBook personnel, QuantBook “is going to be cooperating with various projects in the Klaytn Mainnet ecosystem, starting with the DeFi service, QuantFi, and will expand to GameFi, which is well under preparation.” He also added that “QuantBook and QuantBook governance tokens will contribute to the expansion of the project.”

QuantBook has been successfully conducting an anomaly detection business with ANSWER, a big data analytics and AI technology company with a 11 year track record, and recently has actualized a pioneering core technology for UNISWAP DEX, NFT real estate marketplace, and a DeFi platform. QuantBook also has in its plan to expand its businesses beyond its recent partnership with a VR content creating entity that uses Unity 3D, giving rise to the expansion of the metaverse.

Further down the road, QuantBook will follow the release of QuantFi with

  • issuing NFT tokens and related services,
  • launch of Anima of QuantMix game,
  • QuantMix membership, and
  • wallet support for multiple mainnet.







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