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Trusted natural diamond supplier, Rare & Forever, announces its ionic diamond inscription services. The permanent safety feature is a combination of letters and numbers that are inscribed under the table of the diamonds.

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All Rare & Forever Natural Diamonds are permanently marked in a very discreet manner so that they can be immediately recognized for their authenticity. Traditional diamond laser inscription is usually done by lightly etching a combination of letters and numbers on the side of the diamond with a small and precise laser beam.

Rare & Forever uses ionic inscription located under the table of the diamond and can only be seen using a 10x power jeweler’s loupe and is not visible to the human eye. Ionic inscription is permanent and has no effect on the diamond’s clarity or light performance unlike traditional diamond laser inscriptions, which can be filed off and re-polished.

This cutting-edge security feature ensures that each diamond is identifiable, providing additional peace of mind for Rare & Forever clients. Aside from the permanent ionic inscription, each Rare & Forever natural diamond has a grading report to match. Included in the report are the brand’s 4Cs (clarity, color, carat, and cut), as well as the light performance of the diamond.

The company is part of the 1% of world diamond graders who use advanced AI screening technology for BGM qualities in its natural diamonds. This means that aside from looking for yellow tint, Rare & Forever screens all its natural diamonds for brown, green, and milky hues, providing its clients with the most brilliant natural diamonds and the most accurate and consistent grading reports.

The company operates nationwide. Those who wish to visit their nearest Rare & Forever branch are encouraged to visit the brand’s website.

Interested parties can book a consultation with a Rare & Forever Natural Diamonds expert at

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