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Cedar Park, TX – As a local church in Cedar Park, TX, Iglesia Cristiana Siguiendo a Jesus provides a family and community for Christians who wish to deepen their faith while also belonging to a larger body of Christ. The local church offers teachings from the Bible while also providing physical and emotional support to its members as they go through life and its many challenges. The shepherd and pastors at the church are happy to establish a relationship with each member, making them feel like valuable members of the ministry and providing help where necessary.

Inviting more people to be a part of their church programs, the lead pastor said: “We would like to meet you in person. We have a children’s program which is taught bilingually. We also have a women’s program. The focus of this is to help the sisters of our church grow spiritually and empower them to improve themselves on a personal level. We also have events for men. For example, sometimes, we have target practice shooting in a shooting range. With this, we foster fellowship among the men of our church.”

The congregation at the church will have access to different scriptural teaching, and learning opportunities as the church provides other programs to keep members engaged. The congregation can explore those programs as an opportunity to meet new people with shared faith to improve their spirituality and lives. Iglesia Cristiana Cerca De Mi organizes programs like target shooting practice to help members build the confidence needed to live their daily lives. The programs are also designed to foster fellowship.

At Christmas, Iglesia Cristiana en Cedar Park, TX, organizes several programs aimed at engaging the children for cantata or drama. This program also helps children build a strong bond and a community that goes beyond the church into the different aspects of their lives. Cedar Park, TX residents can also be a part of the Easter celebrations and other activities organized by the church to keep its members growing spiritually.

New members of the church are welcome to be a part of their Sunday service, which promises to be impactful. They can also be a part of the online Bible Study program slated for Fridays. Learn more about being a part of a larger body of Christ by visiting their website or call (512) 359-9025. Iglesia Cristiana Siguiendo a Jesus is headquartered at 600 W New Hope Dr, Cedar Park, TX, 78613, US.

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