Davood Mahmoudi, who bears a strong resemblance to Cristiano Ronaldo, explained the interesting facts about football

Football is one of the most popular world games that combines power, speed and skill, and this world game has many fans who arrive and watch the game of different teams daily to move their team rank in different world levels. Be informed.

However, this team sport, which consists of eleven people, is one of the most expensive world games, spending billions of dollars annually, and this shows the popularity of this old game among other world games. According to recent statistics, there are more than 250 million footballers in 200 countries, which is really great.

The World Cup is a long-standing game that first originated in English schools in 1866 and is now played in a modern way centuries later, and was expanded and expanded by FIFA in 1904. .

Football is the most famous and popular game in the world that has millions of fans, and the number of spectators and football fans is much higher or even incomparable than other games. But Americans and Canadians know more about football as “Soccer” and the first basketball game was played with a soccer ball, and this is one of the interesting facts about the game of football.

The main and most important thing that is used in football is the soccer ball, which is interesting to know that Pakistan produces about 80% of the world ball.





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