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Focusing on the phenomenon of the Covid divorce spike, which has been witnessed in big cities across the world, including Vancouver, experienced realtor Kevin Lynch seeks to understand the implications of the trend for the city as a whole and as it pertains to real estate.

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According to a recent expose from the BBC, law firms across Europe and North America recorded, on average, a 122% increase in divorce inquiries in 2020 compared to their 2019 levels. All of those same firms also reported further rises throughout 2021.

With divorce rates reaching all-time highs in the city of Vancouver, there is little doubt that it is changing the social fabric of the city.

As such, Kevin Lynch of B & L Real Estate Group is eager to share Schon’s experiences and insights with readers. In particular, the interview focuses on how to ensure that a family divorce is as amicable as possible, allowing for equitable division of key assets, in particular real estate.

Although Schon always brings empathy and a high level of emotional support to her clients, she reminds readers that marriage and divorce in many senses resemble business transactions. Therefore, she suggests that couples should more carefully consider finance agreements, especially when property is involved.

B & L Real Estate Group have positioned themselves as market leaders and experts in the competitive Vancouver market. Their specialist team is led by Kevin Lynch and Steve Birkic, who share over 55 years of real estate experience in and around the city.

A spokesperson for the realtors said, “One of the challenges that comes up through divorce is the need for housing and valuation of the home or real estate properties. Kevin Lynch and our team of realtors are well versed in helping you understand the current real estate market, accurate pricing and values for your home or real estate holdings. They know how to work with couples and families to buy or sell.”

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