Zoe Behavioral Health Provides Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Behavioral Health Treatment, and Addiction Treatment, at Their Treatment Center


Located in Lake Forest’s Mountain View Business Center in Southern California, the counsellors and staff members at the Zoe Behavioral Health Center are second to none when it comes to substance abuse and mental health treatment programs. Their treatment center focuses on relapse prevention when it comes to keeping one healthy and sober. They provide counselling on how to maintain one’s sobriety while reentering an atmosphere that may or may not be filled with bad scenarios headed their way. What should one do when faced with temptations? How should one act when they run into an old friend that they used to make bad decisions with? This new life one has chosen for themself will not be easy but know that the team at the treatment center is here to help them to navigate the storms ahead of them.

Over 20 million people struggle with addiction, sadly only around 10 percent of those struggling will seek some form of addiction treatment. Addiction is an illness. If one had any other illness affecting their body, would they not reach out for help? Addiction should not be faced alone. There are many different methods of treatment that can and will help one get sober. Once patients reach sobriety, their team helps them to maintain it. Sober living treatment will allow them a little more freedom than their initial detox and other treatments did. This freedom can do just as much good as it does bad for one’s long-term sobriety. Without the assistance of a relapse prevention program, their newfound freedoms could cause a catastrophe. Rehab was likely a hard decision. Do not take the chance of throwing all the time and effort as well as all the money one has spent away because they did not follow through with some form of extended counselling.

Life itself can be challenging at times. Problems one faces daily can sometimes pile up on them and before long a bunch of little problems become one big problem that one can not fix alone. Part of the services provided at the treatment center help their patients deal with these problems through behavioral health treatment. Behavioral health is sometimes treated through therapy and sometimes treated with medicine. In some cases a patient’s symptoms could be so severe that they require both therapy and medicine. Each case is different, that is why their counsellors access each patient and customizes a treatment that will work best for them. Their treatments may be considered as out of the box thinking to some because they like to keep things somewhat fun at times. They often take their patients outside for certain treatments. Why not take advantage of being treated in California and be able to receive some sort of enjoyment out of it while staying at their treatment facility.

Substance abuse as well as mental illnesses can unfortunately carry a stigma along with their label. There are educational resources being used to try to teach the public about these illnesses with hopes to diminish some of the stigma that follows them. Any person out there who needs help from a drug and alcohol rehab treatment facility however should not let these stigmas deter them from getting healthy.


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