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Cheyenne, WY- At Health Solutions Chiropractic, Michael Thompson, D.C., PSc.D uses advanced corrective care spinal rehab approaches to get patients out of their pain temporarily, restore normal alignment, and improve the nerve roots of the cells/organs/tissues. By correcting the problem, the Chiropractor reduces the chances of a patient undergoing future spinal surgeries or other invasive procedures.

To find out the exact cause of spinal cord pain/discomfort, Dr. Michael utilizes advanced technology, nerve scans, and digital x-ray software to point out or analyze which vertebrae are misaligned, the direction of the misalignment, or the measurement of the misalignment. Depending on the results of the x-rays, he develops a plan to get the patient out of pain as fast as possible.

According to research, many patients don’t perceive nerve pain until they get up to 40% compression of their nerve roots. This means that by the time a patient feels any type of pain, the vertebrae would have been compressing on the nerve for months or years. Dr. Michael has extensive post-graduate training in advanced spinal rehabilitation procedures beyond what’s taught in chiropractic school to correct/stabilize spinal misalignments or decrease the chances of future problems.

With the knowledge that the brain and spinal cord control the health and function of the body, the Cheyenne chiropractor is committed to offering low back and sciatica pain relief/treatment. Patients seeking treatment for their neck pain caused by muscle overuse, accidents, injuries, disease, herniated disks, or worn joints can visit Health Solutions Chiropractic for long-term relief. The chiropractor explores the causes of neck pain before designing a custom treatment program.

Patients experiencing headaches/migraines and chronic fatigue due to accidents, sports injuries, psychological stress, lifestyle diseases, age, or underlying conditions can visit the Cheyenne chiropractor for pain relief. Dr. Michael uses a combination of spinal manipulation, exercises, joint mobilization, and massages for headache and migraine management. Before settling on a treatment approach, he works together with the patient to understand their overall health goals, their environments, common stressors, and medical history.

People involved in auto accidents experience soreness and other symptoms for a couple of days after an accident, hoping they recover in no time. However, most accident victims suffer pain, numbness, tingling, migraines, and other delayed symptoms months or years after the accident. Health Solutions Chiropractic intervenes to offer chiropractic care without medical intervention to ensure that complete healing occurs.

Besides chiropractic care, Dr. Michael has a lifestyle program that focuses on renewing the mindset, energizing nerve function, eliminating toxins, eating healthy, and working out to increase oxygen. By removing the interferences in the mind and body, an individual performs optimally and experiences holistic healing.

Michael Thompson, D.C., PSc.D is passionate about helping his patients achieve life-changing results through chiropractic care. By combining corrective spinal rehab, chiropractic procedures, and his lifestyle program, patients experience long-lasting relief and overall wellness. To schedule an appointment, call (307) 637-7055 or visit the chiropractor’s website. Health Solutions Chiropractic is located at 1330 Ridge Rd #3, Cheyenne, WY, 82001, United States.

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