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Raleigh, NC – ComTech is a premier IT company that offers computer and support services to companies that require outsourced IT help such as desktop support, server support, cyber security, data backup solutions, virtualization, and cloud computing, among many others. They pride themselves on seeing companies grow and develop to be more efficient and profitable due to the quality of services they provide. The company has partnered with the best IT vendors in the industry, including Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, and Fortinet, to provide their Raleigh clients with the best range of IT services. The ComTech team works daily to ensure that clients feel that all their IT needs and frustrations are resolved.

The ComTech staff is the backbone of the premier IT firm’s success. They hire the finest and brightest IT talent available to form a fantastic team with a diverse set of skills, abilities, experiences, and personalities. They believe that business should be founded on relationships rather than transactions. Their team’s mission is to learn not just how to solve clients’ urgent problems but also how to understand how their businesses operate so that they can suggest, manage, and support the IT solutions Raleigh, NC needs. The company’s management staff is extremely motivated, dedicated, and goal-oriented. This makes it easier for the corporation to meet its annual goals while also keeping its customers happy.

“With ComTech monitoring our systems, issues are resolved before they become problems. It helps greatly to know that even if an employee unknowingly clicks on a link, there are safeguards to prevent damage. When we had a server go down, ComTech had reliable backups that had us operational again without loss of data. When we had server issues one holiday weekend, they came out on Sunday and again on Monday, so we were up and running on Tuesday when we opened up without losing a beat. Downtime during business hours was avoided, and ComTech kept us operational,” said one happy ComTech client.

Every day, new malware/ransomware variants and dangers emerge in the IT world. This is why huge corporations engage cybersecurity services to come in and verify that their networks are impenetrable to hackers. On the other hand, small firms rarely have big funds to devote to cybersecurity. This is why the Cyber Armor service from ComTech is so useful to local businesses. It is one of the cost-effective solutions that ComTech has in its arsenal to protect their clients’ information and provide the highest level of protection available in the cybersecurity space . Their cybersecurity packages feature a fully managed Zero-Trust strategy to secure their clients’ networks and data, various security enforcements to prevent hackers from logging into a user’s account, Office 365 Enhanced Security, a proactive 24/7 SOC (Security Operation Center) watching for harmful security events, and a self-paced cybersecurity employee training for their clients.

To learn more about ComTech, visit their website or contact their representative at 919-647-7677. Their Raleigh office is located at 4801 Glenwood Ave, Suite 200, Raleigh, NC, 27612, US.

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