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The recent update ensures that legally separated individuals within the company’s service areas can sell their marital homes quickly for cash without stress. The as-is local house buyers leverage their over 15 years of experience to get clients’ properties off the market regardless of their conditions.

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Selling a house is a big deal, especially for couples going through a traumatizing divorce. An industry study found that divorce could lead to house abandonment. Also, a different report shows that individuals adversely affected by a separation often leave their marital homes unattended, letting them rot away because of the prolonged absence of human care. But the recently updated service prevents this by helping divorcees in the Ridley area, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding towns to sell off their properties quickly to move on with their lives.

Property Merchant, LLC handles every aspect of the process so that clients can get their money as soon as possible. The local realtors can buy the properties outright, saving clients closing costs and time. Conversely, they could help customers list the property on the company’s high-traffic online home selling directory to access a pool of home buyers conveniently. However, regardless of the option a customer settles for, these local property sellers ensure they get the best value for the property.

Clients don’t have to worry about the house’s condition, repairs, or cleaning expenses; the Ridley area, Pennsylvania realtors can sell and buy anything from pristine, majestic-standing homes to broken and falling properties. Interested parties can visit their website to get a no-obligation offer in less than 30 minutes by completing the online form.

Additionally, the company can match any bid if the client already has offers from other buyers. Besides selling properties for divorce, the licensed real estate experts also extend their realty services to residents who inherited a house, are behind on taxes or mortgage, or are tired of dealing with tenants. They are available on all the popular social media platforms, and customers can also reach them via emails and phone calls.

A satisfied customer said, “Property merchants made it easy to sell my property in a few days. I have no regrets working with this professional real estate company.”

Interested parties can visit or call +1-484-800-8651 for more information.

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